CSS Filters Generator – JustCode

Online tool for web developers. Generate cross-browser CSS rules to modify images hue, saturation, brightness, contrast and many other.

Image Color Extractor

Image Color Extractor is a free online tool for extracting all colors in an image and gives detailed information about all these colors as a color palette. You can get info and copy all data of these colors as well as copy all colors as a list to use in your projects.

Writex – editor online

Writex.io is an editor with super powers. It gives writers around the world extreme possibilities and outstanding customized writing experience

Facet – Unmask your creativity

Facet is the first AI-native, API-first image editor. Facet brings content-aware image editing right to your browser.

Tabbied – doodle with generated pattern

Create and customize minimally generated patterns or artwork to use for wall art, background images, print and other projects. Download your high-resolution art for free.

Javascript carousel – Tiny-swiper

Ingenious JavaScript Carousel powered by wonderful plugins with native-like experience for the web. Zero dependency, written in TypeScript, used for free and without any attribution.

Overlay – Design to clean code

ransform your design components into clean React, Vue and HTML components.

CSS Background Patterns

Beautiful pure CSS background patterns that you can actually use in your projects

BGJar – Svg Background Generator

Free svg background generator for your websites, blogs and app.