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3d Icons open source

A collection of the most widely used 3D icons. It is opensource and free for both personal and commercial use under CC0.


Nord Design System

Nord is Nordhealth’s design system for products, digital experiences and brand. It’s a collection of reusable components and tools, guided by clear standards, that can be assembled together to build digital products and experiences.

placheholder image

Placeholder image generator is an image placeholder generator tool with categories.

Button Cheat Sheet

Do you need a button for your next project but you’re not sure about the right markup? Don’t worry, The Button Cheat Sheet has got you covered.

Are Website Pop-ups Still a Relevant Lead Generation Tool?

We’ve now seen two iterations of website pop-ups get rejected by consumers because we overused and exploited them. If we’re not careful, the same thing might happen with sticky banners.

Gentle button ‘explode’

A codepen by Cassie Evans

17 Tools That Will Streamline Your UX Research

There’s a wave of UX research tools popping up across the design industry. It seems like new products or features are released every week. You can speed things up, make your work more effective, free up time, and even automate a lot of tasks. In this link are some UX research tools.

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