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Claudio Guglieri

Portfolio of Claudio Guglieri, Group Creative Director at Huge Oakland, designer and maker based in San Francisco.


CSS+SVG Motion Blur Text Effect

A demo of using SVG filters in CSS to create some stunning text effects.... by Florian Schulz


BGJar – Svg Background Generator

Free svg background generator for your websites, blogs and app.

digital thinker

Emotion in Web Design

During a decade spent fighting digital sameness, Henry Daubrez, CEO & Creative Director at Dogstudio, has contributed to spreading a culture of design based on quality, emotion and a sense of detail.


10 UI/UX Mobile Apps Design Trend

10 UI/UX Design Animation Examples For Inspiration.

centering css

Centering in CSS

A A guide to everything you need to know about centering in CSS

Claudio Guglieri | Emotion in Web Design | 10 UI/UX Mobile Apps Design Trend | Centering in CSS | BGJar – Svg Background Generator | How To Make Creative Animated Website | CSS+SVG Motion Blur Text Effect

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A great source for being updated with current trends in web design. Give me a cookie!

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Thanks for share the most helpful and useful resources for web designers.

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